STOP TESCO – another giant store planned for Hull

To protest this planning application , write to  – Hull Planning Development:

TESCOs plan giant store for Anlaby Road.

Although they have had to scale it back from 100,000 sq foot to 75,000sq ft, it will be huge.

Many residents are worried it will destroy what is left on Hessle Road. Many local small shops are likely to be among the first to go.

Tesco’s idea of 300 new jobs is an illusion. It will just replace existing shop workers jobs and wipe out other small scale competition. This has happened in city after city, town after town.

For people who want to shop at Tescos there’s already too much “CHOICE”. There’s 10 stores in Hull and already one on Anlaby Road: 400 yards away from the planned superstore!

Already Tesco gets £1 in every 7 spent. Last year it made £3 billion in profit – or nearly £50 per man, woman and child in Britain!

We need opposition from local people to support the traders who are already feeling threatened.

Please do your bit. People standing together can make a difference against corporate greed, and it is time to be counted.


3 thoughts on “STOP TESCO – another giant store planned for Hull

  1. This issue should definitely be addressed. Surely local people are concerned about losing jobs, what with big corporations stealing their business?

    Do you want Anlaby road losing 200 jobs!

  2. I’m all in favour of this development.

    The area is in great need of a superstore as it has a huge catchment area covering the Newington, Boothferry & Derringham council wards.
    The development should be a catalyst for redevelopment in the area.

    • If you look around the country and study the effects of the huge chains on small businesses, it’s quite disastrous. Typically it costs large numbers of jobs, closes dozens of smaller businesses and takes a high percentage of money out of the area. The appeal is that they do so much at once, jobs, produce, a wide range. But what people would really want is the power themselves to develop business locally, inspire and incentivise firms in this area, pay attention to the mix of businesses. Why sell out to Tesco?

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