Good Obama, Bad Obama.

I kept a list last year, until August, of what Obama was doing well at and at what he was doing badly. Good Obama and Bad Obama.

I stopped after getting the impression that it was one step forward and two steps back, a pattern which has only continued. Since then we’ve had the major failures, imho, of the massive bailouts to the banks, in reality a regressive tax or even the demanding of money with menaces, the non-closure of Guantanamo while doubling Bagram, and the fracas of the non-healthcare law.

The latest news in the league tables, for those still nurturing the flickering flame of hope for Obama, took shape in the news that there will be no funding of health services for the 9/11 responders, many of whom are seriously ill, and whose likely death toll may be greater than the 2995 who died on that fateful day.

Obama opposes 9/11 health funding.

But there’s enough money for war and ‘anti-terrorism’ measures.

Our peoples demand better than the promised cuts, while wars are continually funded, and while we develop further weapons of mass destruction as at Aldermaston, and while renewing our existing capability to kill about 200 cities with the leading parties’ commitment to Trident.

Instead, can’t we almost guarantee from here, that politics will continue on this path, where the elite, the bankers, the corporations, the defence industries, the warmongers,  get their way and the people get thrown some crumbs?

Like walking through a desert just to find the odd flower.


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