Green groups formally complain over Godfrey Bloom

Martin Deane speaks out against UKIP ideas

We handed in the complaint on Bloom letter to the police on Sunday. Myself and Shan Oakes, of the Green Party and Friends of the Earth in Beverley, spoke to BBC news.  I made the point on why we were there – to counter UKIP MEP’s vicious attack on Greenpeace and all greens – as he made clear in other interviews last week.

Under existing UK law, it is illegal to make remarks “glorifying  terrorism” yet  last month there was Bloom clearly relishing – to my mind – the blowing up of Rainbow Warrior.  (If you combine this with subsequent Look North pieces you get the distinct impression that he is saying it’s ok to treat all green-minded people in this fashion).  So under the law, there seems to be a case to answer. It would be ironic if a case were to result in a conviction, go through the courts, and end up with Bloom appealing to the EU!

EU law, is more progressive in this matter, and we favour it. Bloom, of course, is dead against it being an anti-EU party.  As Greens we fight against a lot of EU initiatives, but we’re basically pro-EU. We want an EU on our terms – to be in  it and fighting, rather than outside throwing rocks.


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