What should we cut to pay the bankers and pay for wars?

The 3 biggest parties are all promising us cuts. But don’t buy the lie! No way was it necessary to pay off the banks to the extent that government did – and now use it as an excuse to make all of us fill the gap. We, along with a large number of economists, are calling it rewarding bad behaviour.

Meanwhile, the new party of fairness, (that’s the government by the way…), have undertaken to slash UK higher education by £2.5 billion. There is no threat, however, to the 2 aircraft carriers on order, who’s price has risen steadily to £5 billion so far this year. And no, it’s not a buy one get one free offer either.

Iraq was costing us a billion pounds a year (2007) as time went on. You’d think you’d get a discount per decade or something… and Afghanistan last year was the deadliest year so far for the invaders.

Whatever American plans for Iraq and Afghanistan, whatever the bleak prospects for a workable Afghan future, the UK government doesn’t seem to have a problem paying for it – that is, making us pay for it through draconian cuts in education, welfare, health.

What would you like to see cut to pay for the bankers and pay for the wars?


Guardian (Feb,2009)

2008/9:  Iraq and Afghanistan to cost £4.5 bn over year.

2008/9:  Afghanistan cost s UK £2.6bn.

2007/8:  Afghanistan costs UK £1.5 bn

2001-9:   cost to UK military has been over £14 for both theatres (excl. Civil aid money, also in billions).

2009:   8000 UK troops in Afghanistan.


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