So! Two months to go!

So! Two months to go! (Take no notice of rumours of early elections!)

Most of our Green areas across the region are working hard getting leaflets out, knocking on doors, talking to people about their issues and doing press releases.

Conference was great last week. A highlight for me was our deputy leader Adrian Ramsay’s “Speech of a Lifetime” –

Less of a highlight – the same day – was Labour announcing its slogan. But it didn’t last long. It soon got re-christened:  A Future Fair for all Bankers!

I did make the comment: what do we need a fair for? This is Hull. We have one of the biggest fairs in Europe! 🙂

Newcomers to political activism, were also there interviewing candidates; some of ours got collared too! See them here –

Last night, Caroline Lucas had a piece on Channel 4. We watched it, live from Cottingham where we were having a debate on “Food and Farming” then a meeting.  Her video is up here now. Why not join me by making a comment and wishing her the best from Hull – or wherever you are!?

As ever, all our lead areas, especially York, Sheffield, Huddersfield will be looking to make the biggest splash they can, so if you can help, give them a shout.

Meanwhile, we’re ready in Hull and hope to get our leaflet out next week across the area. All help well received!

And finally a petition, below, as a reminder of what we’re fighting for (and against!).

Best wishes, Martin Deane

Say No to Shell’s Brazilian sugar cane biofuel plans

Shell is planning to make the largest ever investment in biofuels by joining
with Brazilian company Cosan to take a large share of the sugar cane market.
Sugar cane production is linked to the destruction of cerrado and forest,
including Amazonian, and Cosan is embroiled in a debate with the Brazilian
government over the use of slave labour.

Please email Shell today asking them to pull out of this proposed venture
and to invest in true renewables instead:

Many thanks.

Best regards,

Reinhard Behrend
Rainforest Rescue


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