ID cards could cost you £1000 fine

The NO2ID launch went according to plan yesterday.  The Liberal Democrats were particularly supportive.  Leader of the Council Carl Minns was there as were Couns Mike Ross and  Stephen Baker, and Coun Fareham of the Conservative and Unionist party, and other supporters.

I’d hoped Labour would be represented but looks like they’ve battened down the hatches for the big push (funny how UK politics uses warlike metaphors).

The Lib Dems are very much against the policy. It would be good, however, to see it added to their list of reforms in case of a hung parliament…

People came up to the stall, asked about it, signed the petition, made mandatory jokes about their names ending up on a huge database somewhere.

At photo time I mentioned NI numbers, and 3 of us reeled ours off – how well-trained we are already! And how easy it is to train up the next generation who may use fingerprints to run a school library, or lunch queue. Has no-one seen Gattaca?

The NO2ID website has info on the dozen different schemes the Labour government has going – ANPR where they can track all cars on major roads in real time, looking for people without MOT, tax or insurance.

Many thanks to the Yorkshire Post for flagging the event up and for Viking FM for coming on the day.

True, many countries do have an ID card – but the one planned for us could become an access key for the post office, the doctor’s, hospital, benefits. This makes it very powerful. It would be like having double-yellow lines everywhere through your life: no card=penalty of no access.

The killer argument for most people is that WE are liable for the information on it: if there’s a mistake, yours, theirs, an accident, you could be liable for £1000 fine. So even without major moves to control our movements, we have  a money-spinner for government while keeping their friends in defence-related industries – who make security equipment – happy.

As I say, it all depends how much we trust our government.



2 thoughts on “ID cards could cost you £1000 fine

  1. It’s nice to see a report of the event, and it looks like you got a blue sky! How lucky. It’s great to see a host of different parties working together on this campaign. We will have to try harder to get all those Labour members who secretly wish the scheme didn’t exist on our side.

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