Why make animals pay the price?

The Green Party’s policies are the most progressive of any major party on animal welfare issues.

This might not make much of a difference in Hull North  but a lot of people would understand why we  are opposed to all blood sports and would ban hunting, shooting and snaring.

On animal farming, we are against all forms of intensive and battery farming, including zero grazing regimes. Greens seek to prohibit live exports and abolish the ‘piece rate’ system in abattoirs (where workers earn more money the more animals they kill). Greens also want to phase out fish farming.

None of this necessarily would cost more as long as animal welfare standards are universally observed. But neither is it acceptable to have higher standards  in this country and then import large quantities of, say, pork, reared with poorer standards abroad. This happens at the moment and discriminates against British farmers. This can be solved by a trade tariff to bring cheaper, less humane meat up to our farm prices, or a ban on such imports, or an EU-wide adoption of such policies.

The Green Party does not currently have specific policies on the culling of wildlife but we do oppose badger culling – unlike the Conservatives or Lib Dems. Greens also seek to end the use of animals in circuses and oppose the use of the whip in horse racing.

The Green Party is opposed, on scientific and ethical grounds, to the harmful use of animals in research and would ban all research which harms animals, including harmful procedures to obtain animal derived materials.

We want to transfer government funds from animal tests to superior non-animal technologies and would make issues such as diet and lifestyle central to health policies.

Martin Deane

Safer Medicines Campaign –

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Facebook: Hull Animal Rights
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