HEN hustings, Hull Truck

Thursday’s hustings were ok… Good to have, and not enough of them. I made points about peak oil, the change it will mean, the drastic effects on agriculture, industry and business as we know it.

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SME’s are our business focus in the Green Party. We’re not particularly friends of the big banks, or the big corporations – and we receive no donations from them.

I commented on the banking scam, though not quite getting the opportunity to call it the biggest theft in human history – which it very probably  is, especially when the leading parties are promising all of us will be paying the price for years to come.

My comment on scrapping Trident was met by “As if that’s going to happen” from Graham Stuart MP (Con, Beverley). Stuart was completely unfull of surprises and typified the smug Tory class of rich and privileged that he belongs to and is more than happy to serve.

He was also more than happy to defend Chris Chope who sank the anti-Vulture Fund bill just by saying “I object”, this to the dismay of Oxfam, WDM , and even his frontbench (it appears…). His defence: the bill was insufficiently debated. I suspect the real principle is about keeping life simple for friends in the City.  Thousands more are likely to die from that one act.

The Lab and LibDem candidates were better. But I had to challenge them all:  they simply do not have the vision to take on major issues like oil decline.

As if to prove my point, at the end Karl Turner (Lab, Hull East) and Denis Healy (LD, Hull North) were debating something heatedly. I walked over.  Denis lives outside Hull North and Karl was arguing he should move in.

How does this help over  oil decline, topsoil degradation, oil-dependent agriculture, freshwater consumption, GM – let alone city issues like education (which won’t be solved by BS for the Future), unemployment, the effects of cuts, health, etc, etc.

I joined in:  “Come on guys, this is trivial!” and left them to it. Well Done HEN for organising.

My next one is Wyke 6th Form next Friday.


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