Should Greens support any old windfarm??

Well, that was interesting. I’ve just done a piece on the couple in Deeping, Lincs, taking wind developers to the Hight Court over turbine noise. The BBC presenter asked me the same question about 5 times. My first reply was that I don’t know the facts of this case but we all have to consider as communities, cities, and as a state, how we are going to keep the lights on in the future. He was after a stronger answer he said at one stage, quoting ‘soundbite city’. Of course, I have no idea how my answers will be edited.
But there are a few problems here: It’s not up to the Green Party to fight the side of wind developers. Our role is to promote renewables as an energy policy, but not for any particular windfarm or business. Nor is it up to us to say to individuals or communities: you have to pay this price so that we can have energy. UK energy policy is effectively saying exactly that in Colombia where a huge open cast pit supplying Yorkshire with thousands of tons of coal has thrown hundreds of farming families off land they have farmed for generations. So our coal, our energy, is not fairtrade in this instance.
Rather we would want installations to be community decisions and where the community directly benefits from production – they get the energy free.
Is this happening? As it turns out, this couple in their 50s find their sleep regularly disturbed and have had to move out on a number of occasions. The 8 x 100m turbines are less than 1 km from their home. There is no reason to believe they were consulted when this energy plant went up nor that they get free energy from the turbines. Now their lives are disturbed and their future uncertain as they had no prior plans to move.
Greens respect communities and localities more than this. So, in the light of oil decline, peak fuels, wars, exploitation, and the actual and hidden costs of nuclear, what we ask of communities is that they consider how they would like their energy provision for the future and how much renewable energy would they factor in.

3 thoughts on “Should Greens support any old windfarm??

  1. Which figures do the Green party use for their estimates on things such as oil supply, who do they think has the trustworthy figures?
    How does this contrast with government figures if at all?

    Thanks, look forward to seeing and answer.

    • Hi. The figures I use come from the long-term work of people like Richard Heinberg, author of key works like The Party’s Over, pointing out how utterly dependent the (rich) world has become on oil, etc. I find ASPO, the Association for the Study of Peak Oil very good too, Colin Campbell in particular. Other industry experts like Matthew Simmonds are saying these things now. The trouble with oil industry figures is that they have a vested interest through agreements on oil quotas and declared reserves which muddy the waters. No major industry (and oil is the biggest in the world… besides banking) is going to say oops our days are numbered. Share price drops, their friends lose millions, not popular. Next time you hear about a huge oil find, look at the figures and then divide by the oil we use a day (85 m barrels). See how long it really lasts. Best. M

  2. But does the green party use the same figures that you do Mr Deane?
    The US military is only the latest body to say that oil supply will soon be very problematic, yet nothing really comes from our current government but vague reassurances.
    On the other hand I recently watched Mr Heinberg being shown to be slightly pessimistic in a recent interview.
    Is it not important that your party uses the most credible data possible, and is open about why and what it concludes from that?
    The green movement should have good open science at it’s core otherwise you cannot have realistic policy, and you get mess ups like the CRU climate debacle.

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