Green Party – a Double Issue Party!

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The audio!

Hull and East Riding Green Party had our launch last Monday. the TV covered us.

After the mandatory segment on windfarms… in which Bill did splendidly… the telly cut to us up here in Beverley by the  Minster*. We had about 20 members and supporters come out to play and the presenter wanted to talk jobs.

Too often the Green Party is seen  as a single issue party.  In fact we’re a double issue party!  Environmental justice and social justice! I talked about jobs and money. We want jobs in Hull. The Green Party has plans for a million jobs across the country in housing:  insulation and energy-saving, renovation of housing to green standards, jobs for engineers, plumbers, joiners decorators, etc, and we’ve costed plans to spend £4 billion a year on this. After energy saving comes the renewables, people making energy within the city – an energy producing democracy like Greens are spear-heading in Huddersfield.  But for those not working there’s Green money too:  we pledge £170 per week pension, to end pension poverty. We  also provide for the young: by doubling Child Benefit to end the disgrace of 4 million British children in poverty.

Vote Deane! Vote Green.

Why not join us on Saturday, 12.30pm, at our Mammoth Jumble Sale fundraiser!

Next Events:

Jumble Sale, Sat 17 April, Spring Bank Community Centre, 12.30-2.30pm, with cakes!!  *** Thu 29th: Hustings at Hull University, 6pm.  *** Sunday 25th: Hustings at Hull Baptist Church, 7.30pm, top of Chants Ave.

* We had to move to the Minster cos the BBC’s satellite van had no signal at Market Cross.  🙂  Oh the vanity of technology!


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