Forget Labour and vote Green in Hull!

Press release just out –

Martin Deane of Hull and East Riding Green Party today will urge voters to vote Green as a serious alternative to 13 years of failed Labour policies. He stands in Hull North in the general election.

“At the University hustings tonight I want to show that it”s only the Green vision that is the antidote to failed Labour ideas right now.

“After the betrayal of Iraq, the refusal to listen to the people over Trident, the bending over backwards to please big banks and huge corporations, people feel they aren’t listened to, they’re patronised, and they’re utterly fed up. They want a real alternative in Hull North and I’m pleased to offer them the Green Party’s vision: of a fair society, of a Britain living within its means, of a Britain responsible in international affairs.

“So I say forget Labour and vote Green in Hull. Here’s why:”

1. They’re not socialist anymore.

2. They’ve presided for 13 years over record levels of inequality in modern Britain, and made it worse.

3. They’ve continued the creeping privatisation of the NHS.

4. The bank bailouts, hundreds of billions of pounds given to the world’s richest industry.

5. Academy Schools, with their marked favouring of business and their unremarkable results.

6. Train prices!

7. Iraq.

8. Tuition fees and student loans saddling a new generation with debt.

9. Swine flu, just the latest scam giving hundreds of millions of pounds to giant pharmaceutical industries for a trivial disease.

10. And Afghanistan.

And here’s 10 good reasons to vote Green

1. We operate from socialist principles – which means:

2. A commitment to £170 pensions per week to end elderly poverty.

3. A doubling of child benefit to help end child poverty for 4 million British children.

4. A commitment to class sizes of 20 children and the 15,000 teachers needed to fulfil this.

5. A pledge of £4bn pounds a year to provide 1 million jobs across the country

6. A free NHS – with free prescriptions, free eye tests, and free dental services.

7. A tax on the rich – starting with the Robin Hood Tax on international finance (a micro tax which still raises £10 bn just for Britain alone)

8. A 50% tax on high earners, £100,000 and above.

9. Scrapping the NI ceiling so high earners contribute appropriately (raising £9.1bn)

10. Scrap Trident. No equivocation. (saves £100 bn).

“All this is costed in our manifesto – before the bankers throw their hands in the air! AND it includes the same Labour commitment to halve the deficit by 2014. Greens have the vision. We know where the money is, how to get it and how to spend it wisely for now and to build for the future. ”

The Hull North hustings begin at 7pm in the Asylum club, rear of Hull Student Union, Cottingham Road campus, Hull University.


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