Match fees and URBaN problems

I was really pleased to make it to the URBaN candidates’ debate last night in North Bransholme Community Centre.


It was interesting and unusual because it involved local election candidates. On the panel were Cllr Anita Harrison (Ind), Lilly Lawton (Green), and Cllr Carl Minns, Leader of the Council, standing in for the Lib Dem candidate. I can’t remember if the Labour candidate sent their apologies.


It was a wide ranging debate covering jobs, local works, youth provision and sport, and more.


Two issues stick in my head: one was the charge of £45 – a match – which local teams have to cough up to play on local playing fields. This means the youngsters having to pay regular and substantial subs just to play. Strikingly, and news to everyone there, Cllr Minns was able to inform the meeting that the Area Committee is given the money to cover these fees! Everyone’s question was: why does no-one know about this? And why hasn’t this money ‘trickled down’?


I suspect this may get an instant change.


The other issue has been going on for 8 years. I am astonished and dismayed that there are 400 houses in the north of the city that have significant sewerage problems and no one knows whether at fault is Persimmon Homes, Yorkshire Water, or Hull City Council. One clue could be the state the developer left even the roads in delaying their adoption by the council.


Sounds like they could do with a MP not afraid of legal action or of representing them at the highest levels. Of course, right now, they have no MP.


The meeting was organised by URBaN, the United Residents of Bransholme area North and chaired by Cllr. Nadene Burton (Ind).

TONIGHT: North Hull Hustings at the University. 7pm at the Asylum (behind Hull Student Union, Cottingham Road campus).


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