1642: the Green vote and all that

A whopping 673 people voted Green in Avenue ward (12%). That really is brilliant, thank you very much. Please don’t be backward in coming forward! I’ll be pleased to meet you all!

This local vote almost matched my first MP stand in 2005 (858). And we beat the Tories into 4th place! Always nice!  The turnout was a creditable 60% and  the general election basically doubled the local vote!

With a poor Green vote of 478 for MP (1.4%) many green supporters from 2005 (858 votes) clearly felt they had to vote Lib Dem to oust atrociously NuLabourite Diana Johnson. And you nearly did it too!! Just 641 votes in it slashing her previous 7146 lead. Btw, if we have another general election soon I shall think twice about standing.

Now that we have the Lib Dems as power brokers, can we hope they do the right thing?

Green candidate results:

Avenue (673)

Myton (165)

Bransholme West (243)

Bransholme East (72)

Bricknell (261)

Drypool (228)

A fine result for James in Bricknell, a high score for Greens there, 261 (3.3%) and where 2 were elected. Once again, if only we knew all our supporters! A fantastic start too for Zoe in Drypool with 228 (4.8%). She really garnered lots of support in a short space of time. Normally you could expect about 60 votes for a first stand with no history and there she is in triple figures.

Same too for Mark in Bransholme West. Coming out of nowhere (not that King’s Park is nowhere!) to pick up 243 (5.2%). The double vote for two councillors will have helped, but so too did a platform full of policies to fight inequality in society.

Lilly gained a respectable first 72 votes in Bransholme East, always going to be tough territory with people proud of their existing two independent candidates.

Susan once again took a reliable 165 votes (4.2%) in Myton from the Labour stronghold.

All this gave us a memorable total of 1642 Green votes for Hull all told.

Memorable for being the year that Hull helped start the Civil War!

All Hull results


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