What about a proportional Hull local result?

The Green vote was much healthier at a local level. We got 11.9% in the locals compared to 1.4% in the generals. This was exactly 8.5 times the general election result and it’s symbolic of how much the general election focus and the FPTP system squeezes the smaller parties’ votes.

If we look at a simple share of Hull’s 90,900 local votes it gives seats as follows: 7 LD, Lab 9, Con 3, Ind 1, ED 0, BNP 0, NF 0, UKIP 1, Grn 1.

Compared to 8,11,2,1,0,0,0,0.

We have to live with the latter results. But I could have coped with the former.

Don’t want the Liberal Democrats to make a deal with the Conservatives?


2 thoughts on “What about a proportional Hull local result?

  1. Hopefully AV will hlep if/when we get it, as it should confine tactical voting to the dustbin of history.

    With AV green-minded voters like me can put Green 1, thus expressing our true preference, knowing that we can put another party down as 2 in the event that the Greens get removed at some stage.

    That way we will, at least, know the true level of support for the concept of a Green MP – a small step towards full PR, one would hope.

    • Thanks Dave. You’ve explained why AV is actually any good, in a nutshell.
      If we had had PR the last few governments’ “achievements” would have been very different.

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