Hull Protest to support Irish campaigners sailing to Gaza

At a protest planned for noon today (Saturday 5th June), at the Hull War Memorial on Ferensway, campaigners will both remember the killing of 9 people on Monday by Israeli commandos – and condemn the seizing of the Irish ship Rachel Corrie which first unconfirmed reports state took place this morning at 9.30am.

Martin Deane, chair of Hull and East Riding Green Party says, “Israel – with the 11th largest military in the world – has apparently boarded the Irish ship. We hope they kill no-one this time.

“I’m particularly concerned as two of my facebook friends are onboard, Ewa and Caiomhe, both longtime committed campaigners for the people of Palestine and committed to peace and nonviolent solutions. I hope no-one is hurt let alone the 9 deaths in the attacks and killing initiated by Israli commandos on Monday.

On board are a number of nonviolent campaigners, including Mairead Maguire, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, Denis Halliday former UN Assistant Secretary General who organised aid in Iraq until 1998,  Matthias Chieh a former advisor to the Singapore government, and 1000 tons of aid, including cement and paper – both among the 2000 things forbidden by the Israeli government’s siege on the 1.5 million people of Gaza.
“We hope Israel honours the campaigners commitment to nonviolence.”

The ship cannot be reached right now as Israeli military blocks communications.


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