Reply to Alan Johnson on Israel (below)


Dear Alan,
Many thanks for your response, I’ve put it on the blog.
I do feel that couching it in UN terms does rather let Israel off the hook on the occasion of another highly significant atrocity. The UN is largely ignored by Israel, and the UK as a ‘close friend’ only ever goes so far. Since the blockade is illegal under Resolution 1860 we have yet another instance of Israel committing itself to illegality.
Were this Iran we would be calling it a rogue state and calling for sanctions and the like. And again what if it were Iran which had just attacked defenceless aid ships killing 9 people? We would make no bones about it being an act of war.
As for the UK within the EU, the EU-Israel trade agreement is an obvious target. Calling for a comprehensive drive for peace with a state committed to its own warped ideas of legality or justice, and protected and bankrolled by the world’s most powerful state, only lets them off the hook again, don’t you think?
Best regards,
Martin Deane



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