Hull Against the Cuts!

“It’s your lot who are voting with her now!”

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The 3rd July Rally was a response by labour, and Labour, to the promised cuts by the Con-Dem government.  The banners were out in full. The main reason given was a NUT call to defend jobs after a number of teaching assistants were made redundant at Sidney Smith school. Many speeches were made against the cuts policy. General unions Unison, PCS, GMB, and the teachers’ unions  NUT, NASUWT and  and NATFHE were represented. Union reps spoke as did Labour MPs Diana Johnson and Karl Turner. I made a number of contacts and hope the Green Party will be represented next time, not least as we have fought the cuts all the way through – even when Labour was looking to introduce them!

Afterwards, Karl Turner suggested Green leader Caroline Lucas join Labour since she was voting with them all the time! “No mate, you’ve got it wrong,” I said, “It’s your lot who are voting with her now!”

It’s at least helpful to see Labour try to lurch to the left, at least until they elect Miliband, D.  But they have a LONG way to go before they can win back people’s trust.


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