Menwith July 4 2010

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Mark Thomas was on good form yesterday.  He spoke after we had communally read out our Declaration of Independence FROM America. He finished by pointing out that Greenham Common base is gone and it now has a visitors’ centre, and, one day, we’ll be back at Menwith and we’ll be able to walk the fields again.

Mark’s always passionate but I think he was quite moved to be there. You might normally never see the place and if you do you’d admire the sight of the golfballs – spread like some god’s forgotten game of marbles. But what they stand for is precisely these wars we’ve been fighting against for what seems like donkeys years! The ever-present British standoff-ishness only barely disguised the fact that we’re brothers and sisters because of these values.

No problem underlining that theme was Seize the Day! They performed Boys on the Balcony,  written for the Vestas workers. Even a shower of rain didn’t put them off! They did us a fine spirited set. Mind you they were probably still high from Glastonbury. (figuratively speaking!)

Here’s another one they performed: I will never rest.

Roy Bailey played a set, my favourite his one on Palestine.  And the Clarion Choir gave us a set with many part harmony.

The demo was at super-snoop spybase Menwith Hill outside Harrogate.

“RAF” Menwith Hill is really run by the NSA. All electronic traffic  north of the equator, your phone calls, texts, transmitted photos, etc , etc, is intercepted there. It’s the biggest spybase in the world.

About 30 radomes (the golfballs hiding satellite dishes) collect the info from the satellites they are tasked to. It plays a direct part in American war operations.


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