Green Party fringe on Palestine

Conference was full-on as usual and I’m sure many of us have highlights to share.
One fringe I attended was by the PSC.
Alex Philllips was there and spoke. She was actually on board the Mavi Marmara when it was attacked by Israeli forces on the night of May 31st.
The recent BBC Panorama programme on that attack was slammed as propaganda by the meeting. Very much the Israeli slant on the attack was given, and it included a smear on the IHH, an important Turkish charity which was involved. A note was made of a small campaign of people pledging to withhold their licence fees in disgust. It was underscored how we cannot rely on mainstream media for balance in this issue. And how it is worse still in America. Organisations such as PSC are devoted to telling the truth on the issues and finding ways of supporting Palestinians.
The meeting ranged around Israel-Palestine issues – such as the withdrawal from Gaza in 2005. This was indeed an Israeli withdrawal but it also marked the closing of the doors on Gaza by Israel, making it a giant prison, and additionally, and importantly, it masked a major increase in settlers on the West Bank! This is typical of the dealings by Israeli authorities with Palestinians, and indeed the numerous so-called peace processes over years, always ending up disempowering Palestinians and further threatening the little territory that remains to them.
Also there was Pippa who will be on the Viva Palestina convoy leaving this month to bring aid to Gaza. This is the 5th such convoy and regular updates will be on its website –
The convoy leaves London on Sept 18th and will meet up with sister convoys from Casablanca and Doha, all heading to Gaza.
Our helping to spread the word to whatever groups we belong to, will be very valuable.
You can also donate via the Viva website. I have been approached myself to help support a man from the area going. Our local Hull Stop the War group will be helping and if anyone can spare a tenner or whatever I shall pass it on.
I’m sure we wish Pippa and the whole convoy every strength and good wish in what they are doing for bringing much needed supplies to the people of Gaza.

One thought on “Green Party fringe on Palestine

  1. I’ve just seen your piece on BBC bias etc and am taking the liberty of posting something which I hope is relevant. By the way – Caroline Lucas MP has just sent her support.

    As part of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, the Ride for Palestine 2011 calls for a boycott of Israeli settlement goods and promotes Palestinian produce. As last year, vintage motorcycles will be used for rides around the UK to publicize the plight of the Palestinian people.

    A web site has been established: could I ask you to visit the site and add your name to those who refuse to buy Israeli settlement produce? The address is A link from your site to ours would obviously be very useful, as indeed would a link on Facebook. At this moment the site has had around 1,400 hits resulting in 1,800 emails being sent to the major UK supermarkets.

    Thank you for your kind attention.

    Bruce Burgess.

    (Southport and Formby Friends of Palestine)

    Supporting this initiative:

    Organisations and Individuals at 25 Oct. include

    War on Want
    Palestine Solidarity Campaign
    Labour Friends of Palestine
    Liberal Democrat Friends of Palestine
    Southport and Formby Friends of Palestine
    Liverpool Friends of Palestine
    Friends of Lebanon
    Jews for Justice for Palestinians
    Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign


    Michael Cashman, Labour MEP
    Arlene McCarthy, Labour MEP V. Chair Economics & Monetary Policy Ctte.
    Chris Davies, Liberal Democrat MEP
    Jill Evans, Plaid Cmyru MEP
    Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP
    David Martin, Labour Party MEP
    Pauline McNeill, Labour MSP
    Elaine Smith, Labour MSP
    Catherine Stihler, Labour MEP
    Derek Vaughan, Labour MEP
    Graham Watson, Liberal Democrat MEP
    Glenis Willmott, MEP, Leader of European Parliamentary Labour Party

    Ministers of Religion

    Revd. HP Barkham
    Revd. Enid Gordon
    Revd. Tom Patton
    Revd. Jeremy Tear
    Revd. Nicholas Postlewaite

    Academics Including

    Professor Mona Baker (University of Manchester)
    Professor Peter Hallward (University of Middlesex)

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