Greens welcome Hull Lib Dems attack on cuts

I’m really pleased to learn that Council Leader Carl Minns and the Lib Dem councillors in Hull are doing the right thing and speaking up against the government led cuts.

They speak against the “scale and pace” of the cuts even though it involves their own party leaders because they realise how profoundly these cuts will affect frontline services and vulnerable people across Hull.

In the Green Party we’ve consistently stood against all these cuts.  We fought all the cuts promised by the other parties in the General Election. They’re vicious and they’re not needed; there are major alternatives. The deficit can be wound down simply by taxing more fairly – which this government refuses to do.

To add further insult to injury, the government now has a major plan to change tax law to favour international banks and big businesses to the tune of tens of billion of pounds more! George Monbiot is calling this the tax heist of the century!

Guess who will also be paying for that?!


Martin Deane stood for Parliament in Hull last year and will stand for Council in May.


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