Hull Anti-Cuts Protests, Feb 24

Today the LibDem run Hull City Council attempted to set its cuts budget.

At midday a crowd of many hundreds protested around the city and at 4.30 gathered again outside the Guildhall. A locally donated PA system kept the crowd entertained. Maybe a dozen speeches were heard. A crowd of 40 at a time were allowed into the gallery of the council chamber.

Occasional raised voices challenged the councillors and eventually they adjourned and called for the Gallery to be cleared. A mini invasion of the Guildhall took place.

Picture from a protester looking out from the Guildhall balcony to the demonstration below.

Hull is facing around £80 million worth of cuts this year entailing some 2000 jobs all told.

It will be the worst hit authority in the region.


5 thoughts on “Hull Anti-Cuts Protests, Feb 24

  1. That Martin Deane, he is the man with the info, the man ahead of the curve on the economic backslide, ahead of the peak oil curve, calling out the tsunami of commodity price rises.
    Martin Deane points to the future the main stream hides from you.

    Labour came and went, predicted nothing, proved nothing. ConDems tag along with 20/20 hindsight.

    Martin Deane, cruising past the mainstream!

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