Create jobs not destroy them

The Green Party doesn’t accept the prevalent propaganda that it’s necessary to have cuts to pay off the deficit.

The deficit has been at higher levels in history without being used as an excuse to launch an attack on ordinary people across the country. This attack is the most blatant, at this time, after just paying up to a trillion pounds to the banks to bail them out.

In the General Election last year we attacked the parties and their plans for cuts. Since then after people arguably voted for a hung Parliament, we have seen the Lib Dems unashamedly sell out the voting population (and the others!), jump into bed with the Tories and prepared to destroy a million jobs.

Our platform last year, the Green New Deal, showed how we can raise billions of pounds by taxing simply where the wealth is in society. Instead we see a rise in VAT which taxes everyone and taxes the poorest disproportionately. Our plans create a million jobs in vital green industries like energy conservation and renewable production, instead of destroying tens of thousands of jobs in the health service and more in council services across the country.

The cuts are “Disaster Capitalism” as Naomi Klein might call it. The disaster is the deficit, and big business has spotted a way to make money from it. It doesn’t matter that maybe a trillion quid has been given to the banks. Nor that the deficit has been higher with no great problems. All that matters is that they convince us the cuts are necessary. It’s propaganda. Once the cuts are in then they can move in companies to take over parts of the NHS or social services roles. And make another killing…


One thought on “Create jobs not destroy them

  1. Just a few additional points:

    1 – It may be obvious, but it’s worth stating that there is no shortage of things that need doing. Many activities, particularly in the service sector, are desperately short of people and could do far more if they had extra staff;

    2 – The problem is that the organisations can’t afford to pay them;

    3 – The answer, at root, is to share unemployment out, so that we each take a cut in wages to enable an extra person to be employed, or take a cut in our hours to achieve the same thing;

    4 – One specific thing would be the introduction of the Citizens’ Income Scheme, which would be self-financing and would encourage more part-time working, thus making more jobs available.

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