Vote AV – for a game changer

Letter to the Hull Daily Mail, 12th April 2011

Dear Sir,

In addition to voting for the usual suspects, this year, for the first time ever, people have a chance to vote for a game changer, an actual, favourable, change in the system.

Voting the AV system in will mean we can vote for the parties we prefer, in order, on the ballot paper. This gives you more power as a voter. The AV system is already in use in most political parties and in trade unions too.

It’s not rocket science, but what it does allow is a voter to express your real preferences – rather than vote x to keep out y or “It’s only a two-horse race” etc. AV opens the system up a bit. And if your top preference doesn’t win enough votes, then your second preference will then count too.

Ok it’s not the system we really want, because we believe the people’s votes should actually be represented in proportion. However it is a step in the right direction.

AV keeps extremists out (contrary to some lies), gives voters a bit more power and will help end the “safe seat” culture more quickly.

So after Iraq, PFI, the creeping privatisation of health, the hundreds of billions given to the banks, the deficit being used to bash us over the head, record inequality under the last government, and increasing under this one, the rich becoming richer and being taxed less, the decimation of jobs and services in Hull, wouldn’t you like a little more say?

So vote AV on May 5th.

Martin Deane
Hull Green Party


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