Yet another bin Laden death claim

My position has been for some years that bin Laden was already dead.

This is based on lots of earlier reports from various sources. Though not pronouncements from a President – though again some will remember Bush’s infamous “well you know, one man just doesn’t interest me anymore…” words, from years ago.

Some may remember that in 2006 the FBI was on record as not wanting bin Laden for 9/11 due to “no hard evidence” (not quite what we were told years earlier).

One book to read, for example, is David Ray Griffin’s Osama bin Laden: Dead or Alive. A number of reports have bin Laden either killed, or dead (from kidney disease), in late 2001. I have no reason to believe it happened just now because Obama tells me.

Overall then Sun/Mon events were a psyop – for us. A major win for our state(s) and the military, to unify our national support. The so-called death picture is a fake (even the Daily Mail questions it!) based on another person’s death picture released in early 2010. The burial at sea handily destroys all evidence (the claim it satisfied Muslim death rites should draw a wry smile – as if the US military were suddenly interested in such things).

As to our Afghanistan policy, surely now the job is done(!) Bring the troops home…

Much more importantly, after 10 years of America and Britain in Afghanistan, the people have an average life expectancy of only 45 years.

For US planners, the prospects for the pipeline there remain a possibility, which will only grow as oil declines. So it does the empire no harm to continue the fight to “help the people” and spread “democracy”, while their arms companies turn a profit, and to kill more bin Ladens, preferably having built them up into monsters in the media beforehand.

It’s nothing to do with justice, or even “winning a war”, let alone actually building a nation (which the US unjustly gets crticised for).

But I suppose it’s good theatre.

Martin Deane


2 thoughts on “Yet another bin Laden death claim

  1. Its good to hear someone else saying that OBL died some time ago. You might be interested to know that DNA tests to establish identity simply cannot be performed within the space of 12 hours even in the best of conditions. Also dumping the body in the ocean is definitely not in line with Moslem sensibilities, being buried in the ground is their preferred method.

    You’ll probably have noticed that there has been very little backlash from the Moslem hordes around the world. One reason may be that OBL gave every Moslem a big clue that things were not as they seem in using the name ‘Al Quaeda’.
    In colloquial Arabic, “I’m going to Al Quaeda” means “I’m going to the shithouse”.

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