Fukushima is hanging on by its fingernails


In a recent interview, top physicist, Michio Kaku, underscored the warnings coming from top nuclear commentator Arnie Gunderson.

“Fukushima… is still a ticking time bomb… 3 months after the Indonesia tsunami there was a huge aftershock… If that happens here it will start all over again.”

“In the last 2 weeks everything we have been told about the accident has been turned upside down!!” Kaku said. This was no slight accident. We are now told there were not only meltdowns, there were 100% core melt in 3 reactors.

A supposedly safe 12 mile evacuation zone was set up. Now they’ve found 4 hotspots OUTSIDE the evacuation zone. Now 34,000 schoolchildren wear radiation badges going to school. Kindergarten kids, 4 years old, are going to school with radiation badges!

So how bad is it?

We tried to reconstruct the accident in our computers. We knew it was much more severe than they were telling us… They lied to us… they knew how much core melting was taking place… Within hours there were company quotes telling us it was safe. But it was like the keystone cops!! People were running around headless.

In reality, the workers there are exposed to a year’s worth of radiation in 10 minutes at a time. – For Chernobyl 600,000 workers were mobilised!! Each one worked for a few minutes. Each got a medal from Gorbachev!

How long will it take to clear up?

50 to 100 years! – Clean up hasn’t even started yet. Cold shutdown hasn’t happened yet! Cold shutdown is when the BOILING stops! This won’t happen till next year. There’s boiling water circulating there, leaking radiation into the environment and into gigantic vats. And they may have to dump this water in the ocean again with other major environmental consequences!


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