Welcome home! John Lynes, deported by Israel

john lynes

Excellent news that John is back  safe!

I spoke to his brother earlier today and he was put on a plane late last night and arrived back about midnight. He’s  in good health and spent the night in Golders Green. He’s returning home today to St Leonard’s.

Of course, John wasn’t planning on being home so soon! John’s intention was to travel to the West Bank Palestinian area to a camp near Bethlehem – to where he was invited to by Palestinian friends. This was part of an international movement with hundreds of people travelling to visit similar areas. John has been to Hebron many times with the Christian Peacemaker Teams.

But just by informing the Israeli authorities of  his true intentions was enough to get him and others detained and deported. Routinely people have to lie just to get through to visit Palestinian friends or to work with them.

John will also be dismayed to hear, too, that just today Israel has a new law forbidding its citizens from supporting any boycott against the state. This is a further attack on civil rights there especially for those, who like John, want to see Israel make progress in relations with Palestinians.

But to John, welcome back!


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