Murdoch should go. But not alone.

BREAKING: Rupert Murdoch admits that he regrets hiring David Cameron as Prime Minister.

This recent tweet summed up the News International revelations so far. The role of Murdoch as kingmaker goes back decades. Make that queenmaker too, after Thatcher. There is evidence that Murdoch was effectively running   a private intelligence service even to the extent of actually having a “black ops” section.

The extent of the collusion between media and police and politicians is alarming. Moreso for its apparent everyday-ness. Transparency is clearly strictly for us bottom-feeders! You’d think they all belonged to their own secret society or something…

The scale of elite corruption being uncovered means there will be heads on plates – and not just Rebekah Brooks’.

But we’re not just talking about a few hacked phones. We’re talking about the sort of collusion that led to a war costing over a million lives. We’re talking about the easy relationships between the powerful that led to de-regulation and a banking fiasco bar none, which has cost Britain billions and maybe a million lost jobs this year – and even to the point of sacrificing economies of countries while bankers still get their millions in bonuses.

This must not continue.  A sea change is needed in British politics and in international politics, of which we are a key part. But the people who may lead us there seem few and far between. So who’s going to do it?


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