Fukushima, Aug report


Arnie Gunderson has proved himself a very reliable commentator compared to the lockdown in western media.   The problem is the Fukushima reactors are American and they’d rather not any negative publicity thanks.

So what’s he saying?

There’s a few reports claiming the core has melted through the concrete containment vessel and into ground. Arnie concludes there’s not enough evidence to tell yet.

Californian data has thrown up large amounts of Su35 since March. This is a radioactive isotope.  It indicates huge energy as it occurs only from environments with  400 BN neutrons per sq m.  So where’s it  from?

His Apr3   report  indic ated there had been incomplete shut downs and there were recurring chan reactions, “ongoing criticalities”.

In the US, the NRC staff briefed on Fukushima and told them the fuel pools had no major problems.

But fuel particles were found a mile or more from spent fuel pools!  Initially Arnie concluded these were from Unit 3 fuel pool, which had exploded depositing small pieces of fuel rod (plutonium) up to a mile away.

But this report is saying the containment was breached and caused these remote deposits. He thinks they’re wrong. But if reactors and containment have failed, they really need to look at US reactor design.

They’re now constructing a tent over Fukushima Unit 1. This will reduce site radiation but will only make the radiation airborne by releasing it through a chimney stack. It will mean less Caesium for workers but it’s only sending the radiation away.

The deposits of Caesium are extensive. The Japanese are now burning it.
In the US it would be classed as dangerous radiaoactive waste – you couldn’t burn it.

Japan is allowing 8000 disintegrations per second. They also allow blending – 24000 dints ps combined with two other items of waste with none,  gives you the required average of 8000 dps!

So ground material around Fukushima is now being airborne again through burning! This is recontaminating the areas they’ve only  just cleaned, recreating the disaster.

meanwhile radioactive rivers continue to contaminate the ocean.
Japan must recognise the tough and serious problem they have. Right now, the Japanese are worsening it, and making it more costly.


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