Fukushima is still the wrong story.

  • Serious radioactivity has reached Tokyo, as measured from car air filters
  • high radioactivity, presence of eg Caesium-137
  • Tokyo, its cars and its children, are seriously contaminated
  • Authorities say levels of Cs-137 are safe.
  • BUT mothers are reporting the same child symptoms as for Belarus children after Chernobyl.
  • As in Chernobyl, Caesium-137  will be causing child heart attack and arrhythmias, and will mean early deaths.
  • Heart cells don’t replenish themselves – contaminated children will die young.
  • Authorities are making only superficial whole body measurements.

The information from the authorities compared to parents should not be a  tennis match! The children are ill – and we know what’s going to happen! These are the same radionuclides as Chernobyl.

I have measured more radioactivity in a car air  filter than they are measuring in a child!

What can we do? We can remove the children from contaminated areas.

But there’s another ominous development.  The Japanese government are transporting radioactive material  the length of Japan for burning.

Why burn it so far away!!??

Prof Busby believes the reason is,  when the children start to die from heart attacks, leukaemia, etc.,  the Japanese government will then be able to say this nothing unusual.  There will be no control group.  Effectively they are contaminating ALL all of Japan. Why? The most obvious reason is the protection of the nuclear industry.  [Japan is highly reliant on nuclear power. The reactors are American]

Blocking absorption.

The other radionuclides are NOT being measured. But they can be pre-empted by taking stable variants. Eg, iodine goes to the thyroid gland. So you provide stable iodine and the radionuclide version can’t get a hold.  Japan has not done this! This technique can be used with all the radionuclides.

None of these can be measured by whole body tests. Large amounts of calcium and magnesium, a tablet every day. We will supply these! Block ingress of other radionuclides. Chris Busby Foundation (Japanese website), and we will do our own independent measuring and tell the truth of the concentrations. We must Save the Children of Fukushima. The Japanese government seem committed to saving the international nuclear industry.


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