Sherman and Mangano have a point

Back in April, not long after Fukushima blew up, two US scientists who had done a lot of work on Cherbnobyl, went looking for effects of the radiation plume on American cities.

They found statistically significant increases in a baby deaths in a number of US cities. However these were entirely rubbished by Scientific American who ate the figures for breakfast – and word spread everywhere.

But to be completely sure, someone asked over at Counterpunch. Their analyst found you could indeed play with the  statistics, that S&Ms statistics were valid, and in fact there were other figures to give more pause for thought.

We’re not used to looking for radiation deaths. We may have heard about the thyroid, but have we heard about increased heart attacks and arrhythmias? Another study over the next month would be to see if there is an increase in birth defects – or indeed if there was a spike in abortions over these intervening months.


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