BAE Systems to move 900 Yorkshire jobs to America

Friday’s announcement that BAE Systems will be building Hawk trainers in America comes as no surprise to us.

BAE Systems is largely owned by American stockholders and the majority of its contracts are for the Pentagon. So why shouldn’t an American company be providing American jobs?!

But nothing in these developments is part of the Green Party vision for society.

In the 1970s, British Aerospace used to provide employment for over 10,000 people at Brough, East Yorkshire. The corporation has reduced those numbers year by year to the meagre 1350 left – and now reduced by a further 900 to the skeleton crew that’s left.

It is a stark reminder of how we are at the mercy of big corporations and the banks, somehtting the Green Party has been warning about for years. The Lib-Lab-Con are not going to rescue our communities from these giants.

Corporations, like BAE Systems, will happily wreck entire communities based around the work and industry those communities have performed for them for years. There should be no doubt that this skeleton crew is left with the intention of closing the plant down and selling it off.

We have been warning for decades about the predatory actions of corporations across the world, to societies, to the planet – and now even on our doorstep. Many people accept this as inevitable. But in fact they are all down to political choices. Arms manufacturers have thrived for decades under whatever government Conservative or Labour.

It would be different if we had representatives to tackle them and rein them in, rather than politicians who cosy up to them, who give them the key to Downing Street – literally – who arrange a biillion pounds in hidden subsidies for them. What we have is corporations abusing their power.

The Green plan would see places like Brough, instead of being destroyed by an international giant, retooled for industries which really serve society, like transportation, trains and renewable energy development.

Martin Deane


2 thoughts on “BAE Systems to move 900 Yorkshire jobs to America

  1. Can’t say I feel sorry for the BAE workers at all.
    They know what their work is used for.
    East Timor bloodbath, anyone?
    Having fed at the corporate war trough for so long, serving those who bleed other countries, why would they expect compassion when their masters apply the same cold, profit making logic to their little lives?

    • Basically I agree. Our arms industry, historically, is nothing to be proud of. We will arm almost anyone, start or join in wars on a regular basis, be devoted to Trident as if a nuclear war were winnable (by us!), etc.
      In the 1970s, Brough used to employ over 10,000 people, so from an employment point of view what’s happened in the last 40 years is a disaster.
      At 1350 workers and 900 of those being cut, we can expect Brough to close down within a few years. It clearly has minimal commitment to workers, and will just blame a global turndown while shifting the manufacture of Hawks to America! Yeah, right.
      As Greens there is no point suppporting th arms industry while Britain starts immoral and illegal wars. OTOH, if the expertise and skill used there could be turned to renewable energy manufacture or more efficient transport, then great. But since BAE is largely foreign owned, and with most of its workers foreign, and most of its work for the Pentagon, and a government committed to the vastest excesses of capitalism, there’s no hope of that!

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