Euro news

1. Merkel and Hollande want Greece to stay in euro – 16/05/2012
France’s newly elected president and the German Chancellor on Tuesday said
they want Greece to remain in the eurozone. The IMF, however, said an
“orderly exit” must be considered if Greece does not stick to its reform

2. MEPs accuse commission of foul play on EU TV money – 16/05/2012
MEPs and the European Commission are embroiled in a nasty dispute over what happened to ?8.7 million originally intended for an EU-wide TV station.

3. Member states and MEPs agree battle lines on bank rules – 15/05/2012
EU finance ministers have overcome British opposition on new capital rules
for banks, setting the scene for talks with MEPs.

4.  Malmstrom: Europe “too cowardly” to confront homophobia – 15.5.12
EU home affairs commissioner Malmstrom has said Europe is “too cowardly” to
stand up to mounting homophobia.

5. Spanish oil company sues Argentina – 16/05/2012
The Spanish oil and gas giant Repsol-YPF filed a lawsuit against Argentina
at a US district court in Manhattan on Tuesday for nationalising its
majority-owned stake in the energy company YPF.

6. Flanders tells Moroccan migrants how to behave – 15/05/2012
A new immigration kit for Flanders tells would-be immigrants that it does
not rain money and that Flemings are healthy-eating, spontaneity-adverse
creatures tucked up in bed by 10pm each night.

7. EU ministers disagree on Ukraine boycott – 15/05/2012

Poland and Sweden have questioned the value of a sports boycott on Ukraine,
but Austria and Belgium back the idea, while others are waiting for new


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