British government push for war on Syria

The British government will have no problem going to war with Syria. Like Iraq, they have just to get the public onside. Even moreso, like Libya, where the same recipe is being followed: foment trouble, insert foreign fighters, provide lots of funding and arms, bribe and seduce senior army with promises of posts and riches in the new government.

Almost the entire government voted for the “No Fly Zone” over Libya (11 voted against). No-one remembered the NFZ over Iraq, or if they did maybe they were unaware of the tens of thousands of bombing raids that took place over those (‘non-war’) years. Lo and behold, a major set of NATO bombing raids took place seriously degrading Libya’s ability to protect its peace. We’re getting a close replay in Syria now.

Was it a simple mistake by some BBC teenager who put up the UN Space Command logo (from the game Halo) on to the BBC News backdrop? Or was it irony? From someone who was thinking we may as well treat this next war as a game, the last one was! And the one before that.


BBC pretends dead Iraqi kids from 2003, are Syrian dead.

This, hot on the heels of another BBC attempt to blame the Syrian government for dozens of dead children,  showing an Iraqi child jumping over rows of dead, shrouded youngsters (in Iraq).

The Green Party consistently rejects the imperial and resource wars that America and Britain have been conducting , principally Afghanistan and Iraq, but also involvement in Libya and the drive to start a war on Iran.


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