Windpower provides 90,000 jobs – in Germany.

This Telegraph article has a lot to say on wind.

Interesting that Germany has more individual, group and local ownership of turbines, compared to ours almost exclusively being major companies. It notes that it produces more wind power than us, albeit with less wind

Germany is the world’s third largest user of wind power, behind China and
the United States. Germany produces 29GW (2011). In 2011 we passed 5GW. The UK is the seventh country in the world to reach this capacity, so maybe we’re not such an Old Man of Europe on this issue. Germany’s population is 82 million compared to our 62 m. Wind power in Germany provides over 90,000
jobs… In the UK it’s 9,000 jobs. Denmark and particularly Spain are doing astoundingly well.

Despite various attacks about blights on countryside and health scares, the
Telegraph points out that a recent ComRes poll states that a very healthy 68% of people support windfarms.


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