Syria, before or after?


Syria, before or after? Good question.

The original photo appears to be the lower one. The doctored scene, obviously,  is more useful as it shows immense destruction, to be blamed on official Syria.

It’s the same play book as the Libya intervention. Armed gangs destabilising the country. A proxy war.

It’s almost impossible for most people to read the situation accurately, exposed as we are to the relentless MSM presentation.

We also forget too easily that truth is the first casualty in war. There are some shortcuts though, like fully realising what Iraq meant, the endless lies Blair etc told to get war, the endless parroting of these by major media (worse than the Yanks), how all these countries have been  on the US list for regime change since 2000, that Syria is the US’ stepping-stone for Iran, the last great prize.

Like Iraq, the major intel agencies will be working overtime to bring about the results the US and UK want. Truth, blood, death – whoever’s – all secondary.

The major financial wars that have been going on, trade wars, currency wars, will soon be only able to be hidden by an escalation to real war. All driven by an insane system.

Original agency here,


The Official London Olympics 2012

I could care less, but then I’d have to make some effort.

A faster 100m or ending world hunger?? Ooh, tricky one. Let’s go for a faster 100 metres. Yes, I’m sure there’d be more headlines about that.

And indeed a lot of effort is going into the Olympics – as represented by the £9 billion pounds cost to the taxpayer – minimum, at a time of cuts costing a million jobs. G4S put a lot in clearly too – until they realised they couldn’t find enough people prepared to work for not very much in the country’s most expensive location. So send in the cavalry (as we sack thousands of them too). Still, for the 1200 troops involved, it makes a nicer change than the 1 in 6 chance of being killed or wounded in Afghanistan.

Not to mention the Olympic Nazis cracking down on the slightest independent mention of the games not sanctioned by McCoke-idas, or SAM missiles on council estates. There’s an upgrade they could do without.

As Mark Steel points out: If the Palestinians do that they get screamed at for using civilians as a “human shield”, but we’re doing it to protect the 200 metres backstroke.

And all that with some 700,000 Olympic tickets unsold. Incredible! We should have cancelled it and given it to some capable, non-corrupt country.

£900,000 NHS spend on private ambulances for Olympics

I love the Olympics, but not here, Mark Steel

Circuses, but less bread, Craig Murray

Bread and Circuses, Wiki

Defend the NHS! Stop Hull area local cuts.

Ever known anyone who’s been ill?? There’s a rally for the NHS in Hull today: 12 noon, BBC Building, Queen’s Gardens. Major changes are on the way – and none of them to your advantage!

And a lovely bright morning for the rally too! Patient-campaigners Dermot Rathbone and Danny Marten will be there protesting the austerity assault. The first major casualty is cardiology at Castle Hill with one ward closed already (Ward 6). Then there’s neurology at Hull Royal with another ward to go after a merger of a stroke ward and a neurology ward.

Hull unions Unison, PCS and UCU will be there, and probably at least one MP. Let them know how you feel!

Our city’s thanks should go to Dermot Rathbone and Danny Marten for taking a lead on this. But it’s not out of concern that Dermot does this – but out of vital need! Interventions by Hull Royal’s neurology team saved his life. Their determination to get to the root of his rare neurological condition have brought him the specialist help he needs.

Heart specialists in the city have condemned the closure of Ward Six, cardiology, at Castle Hill Hospital, insisting the move will seriously harm patient care.

Meanwhile, unprecedented in this area,  17 neurologists have already sent a letter to health officials voicing “deep concern” over the cuts following the merger of a neurology ward with a stroke ward at Hull Royal Infirmary.

Local media tell us that 300 beds are to be axed to save money. Prof. John Cleland (Head of Cardiac Services) said this about the butchery of heart care, ““The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) thinks that’s dangerous and I would endorse that.”

Local neurologists say: “Due the closure of the neurology ward at Hull Royal, there are no specialist neurology beds in the trust. We have voiced our concerns on numerous occasions at managerial meetings and our opinions and concerns have been disregarded and a dictatorial approach has been taken, with new changes to our service implemented against our advice.”

The purpose of today’s rally will be to highlight to the public how much of a disaster the Trust’s actions will be to our community, and to petition the public to pile pressure on those who can reverse the decision.

Speakers today should include clinicians, unionists and politicians, but the people who will really make a difference are local people making their voices heard and taking action.

A friend wrote to me about her brother who recently had surgery on the cardiac ward: “the ward he had his surgery on yesterday is getting closed on Friday! It is appalling!”

The difference that local provision makes for critical services like cardiac care is the difference between life and death.

We hope people in the area realise what they’re losing with these closures!

Get involved:

Save Our Local NHS

The rally was lead item on BBC Look North

NHS Rally in the Hull Daily Mail

Labour’s military schools

Tony Blair

The Labour announcement of a policy to see much greater involvement of the military in our schools helps Labour distance itself from where the vast majority of its members and supporters would see it go.

This would be distinctly to the left of a party that would blindly follow America into its next adventure – Syria is on the cards via NATO – and to the left of the party which, for example, massively increased PFI within the NHS under Blair.

This latest move announced by MPs Twigg and Murphy shows, like the overwhelming support for the destruction of Libya’s peace, that Labour MPs aren’t expected to be backward when it comes to bombing Syria or Iran, both on America’s list for regime change.

Like Blair’s desire to return to UK politics, Labour expresses no difficulty with the history of Blair’s “journey” involving the mass murder of innocents. Rather this move is another indication that they have no problem with the war agenda.

Indeed it was New Labour that introduced Veterans Day, later renaming it Armed Forces Day, probably after too much flak for not actually caring much about veterans and going for something more unassailable: for who can say bad things about the Armed Forces?

But this merely sets up nationalism as your God. You may as well ask: which country anywhere criticises their armed forces? It has no ethical value just propaganda value.  It matters what they do. It matters what they’re ordered to do. Executing orders doesn’t exonerate officers – or other ranks –  from responsibility to respect international law or laws on the conduct of war. Orders is orders, of course, so it matters ten times more what the politicians order them to do .

Blair designed policy so that he could get Britain’s Armed Forces into America’s war on Iraq. It wasn’t a “mistake” as Labour plaintively calls it now. It was deliberate calculated policy.

By announcing an “invasion” of the military into our schools, Labour is trying to bolster its historical position, take votes off the Tories after Forces cuts, and make the next war more likely.

Its touching that they want military academies in the most disadvantaged areas. It’s forever been the poor and less advantaged who have fought wars on behalf of richer, more powerful others.