Turning the lights out on the Titanic

Is Cameron’s reshuffle supposed to be a kind of reverse psychology? Climate-change denier Paterson at the Environment, anti-gay marriage Miller at Equalities, supremely unqualified Gove still at Education, the laughable Hunt at Health, pro-3rd runway McLaughlin at Transport. Clearly plenty of work still to do on the destruction of the UK.

Miller and Paterson plus Hunt “the NHS is a 60 year mistake” going to Health represents a movement to the right by a besieged Prime Minister.

Owen Paterson is: sceptical on climate change, pro fracking, expect gas drilling everywhere, and less renewables investment; and he who compared the call to ban fox hunting to National Socialism!

The more I read about Owen Paterson, the more I realise he’s the sort of person I got into politics to stop ever having power! Meanwhile, Iain Duncan Smith was offered the job as Justice Secretary but didn’t take it. Surely following his own precepts, his benefits should be cut!

For most people, Cameron’s cabinet was quite Tory enough thank you:

  • “Oh yes, I remember – this is what they were like!”
  • Now it’s more traditional, more Eurosceptic, more authoritarian. In other words, more rightwing – a step backwards for progressive politics
  • expect a continuation of Labour’s appeasing of the bankers and paying with cuts.
  • over £80 billion in so-called austerity across the country, now expect more cuts.
  • Projections say the cuts are on course to cost a million jobs.

This is such an unbelievably far cry from what Greens were promising in 2010 – to tax properly and CREATE a million socially useful jobs!!

Owen Paterson returning to mainland politics will also be welcomed by Tory MPs. It’ll be interesting to see what flexibility he is given on the EU aspects of his department.

The replacement of Ken Clarke by Chris Grayling as justice secretary demotes Clarke, one of the more reasonable Tories, in many respects.

Health – was Andrew Lansley, who everyone will be pleased to see theback of. Except that he’s now replaced by Jeremy Hunt (Culture), he who presided over the hacking scandal, still yet to reach a conclusion. I’ve already signed a petition warning Hunt we’re watching him and his plans for the NHS! His co-author in a book, Daniel Hannan, called the NHS a 60-year mistake. We must end moves to split up the NHS. Instead we must tax properly and make it the world’s best public health service.

Hull and area faces a current total of £99m cuts, with £18m this year. We’ve already lost two wards to the area. Ther are ten to go in total. This is a major attack on health in this area. The coming CCGs are the next step in making health provision more private and less accountable.

Theresa May says: “I can assure you I am very pleased women have the vote.”” – except around the cabinet table. The UK lags behind much of the world when it comes to women’s representation – we are currently ranked 57th.

Maria Miller – Minister for Equality:

  • Voted against: gay adoption rights,
  • against Human F and E Bill which would give lesbian couples fertility treatment rights,
  • against Racial and Relig Hatred Bill and is in favour of defining racial hatred, prejudice and homophobia as freedom of speech

Another interesting high-up addition is Paul Deighton, the former Goldman Sachs executive who ran LOCOG. He has now got the job of ensuring that Osborne’s infrastructure investment programme rescues the economy.

At the top, the government has also become more male and white, but junior appointments are expected to compensate for that. we’ll see.

Cameron appears to want to ramp up the damage he is doing across society and push a radical, vicious agenda forward rapidly. Most people are already stunned bu the nature of this government and its actions and see it as a failure of Titanic proportions, including the economy! But now – will the last person to leave the Titanic please turn out the lights?


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