America’s psychotic nationalism

I accuse America of psychotic nationalism.

For example, somehow for decades, since the end of the Vietnam war, there is a blaming of Vietnam for the deaths of 58,000 GIs. But, simultaneously, it’s accompanied by the glaring omission of the 3 or 4 MILLION others who died because of American action (indeed continue to die at about 10,000 a year following the ecocidal use of chemical weapons).

To overlook this requires a level of delusion of epic proportions, hence the word psychotic.

Add to that the highly propagandized nature of US politics and we’re lucky if the slightest amount of truth let alone balance or justice, sees the light of day.

As people of compassion, we will be aware of the dozens of countries America has bombed since WW2 (though not to exclude the murderous history going all the way back to its founding!), the countries subverted, governments overthrown, figures assassinated, usually democratic.

At the same time, all these murderings, for which the Presidents would have been hanged were they ever judged by the standards of Nuremberg, are accompanied by huge propaganda – usually unquestioningly believed – by the ‘political class’ – of how justified, noble and necessary it is.

But neither do I confuse those US governments, and their almost identical foreign policies, with the wishes of the people. Often those are diametrically opposed, and we are left with nothing but amazement at a system of indoctrination that produces such an idolization of a state – and its treatment of others – compared to all the evidence.

All states no doubt do this to some extent, idolising their country above all others, just as God appears to be on everyone’s side in whichever war. But the level of ‘blindness’ that America has to the effects of its overseas policies, while continuing to justify them to the hilt, is the stuff of intense mental obsession!

Add to this a military expenditure amounting to as much as the rest of the world spends per year, and you have all the makings of a dangerous madman. Of course, the meme of the madman in US politics is nothing new, and goes back explicitly to Nixon. The mixture of being prepared to appear mad, with the greatest military capability in history, and the most highly propagandized culture in the western world, makes for a dangerous mix.





2 thoughts on “America’s psychotic nationalism

  1. Thanks Hugh! Yes, the silver keiser!
    Funny world isn’t? 100 years ago we were battling for all we were worth against the Kaiser… Now the modern Keiser is one our foremost economic prophets!!

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