Health service, for how much longer?

Dear Sir (Hull Daily Mail),
I couldn’t really bring myself to say that ‘Labour hijacked NHS rally’ (25th Sep). It’s only right that Labour, who founded the NHS, lead a campaign to try and save it from certain ravages now. Hull members, to their credit, are leading this fight. They are supported in this by CLPs too. Many trade unionists and other organisations are supportive, including the Green Party, locally and nationally.
Lord Prescott did indeed commence the speeches. His starting point, urging the crowd to embrace their ‘pleb’ status, although topical, is not one I would have chosen were I a Lord Baron. However, although not standing for Commissioner of Health, he proceeded to give a robust defence of the health service.
And that’s the point! – It’s a health ‘service’ not a health company. It serves us the people. It’s always there for us – just as we’ve always paid into it. Until now! If we go the way of the American system, and many think we are, with chunks of the NHS sold to private companies, and then needing a private insurance system for proper care, it will cost lives. A study on US healthcare concluded the loss of life just through having a private insurance system was between 50,000 and 100,000 lives, a year.
These are serious changes. Under the circumstances, I would have no problem if all 22,000 people in Hull who voted Labour last time had turned out! We would have needed a bigger sound system.
Martin Deane
Hull and East Riding Green Party

One thought on “Health service, for how much longer?

  1. Yes, the whole affair was dominated by Labour and the Labour affiliated unions. You wouldn’t think that Milord Pleb had been a member of a government that did nothing to put the creeping privatisation process into reverse; that was “comfortable with people getting filthy rich”. Steve Bell used to depict Prescott as a neutered bulldog – seems it’s one that barks after the burglars have left the scene.

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