New energy minister? Not for long.

ImageIt’s always a bit nerve-wracking going on telly.

I quite enjoy it as it’s a bit like an exam.  You have to do your best to get your points across but these may or may not suit the presenter’s questions!

The news was that a Tory minister (for Energy) had spoken out against windfarms, “Enough is enough, etc”. But way to go on the misjudgement stakes!

Wind is just starting to take off!

From 2010 to 2011, renewable energy doubled in size in output – most of that is wind.  This September we passed the 5GW milestone.  5 Gigawatts – enough to power 4 or 5 million homes. Renewables now produce 10% of our electricity. The industry is starting to go exponential and expecting to create tens of thousands of jobs in the next decade, so it’s precisely the time when you  need consistency from government – with  everyone maintaining confidence – not energy ministers going off the reservation!

ImageBut if the coalition seriously wanted to be the greenest government ever …  then  they should:

  • raise our EU target from 15 % to 20%  (We negotiated it down to 15% but we’re already behind 18 other countries – including Greece and Spain –  they’ll be miles ahead in 8 years time!)
  • put the Feed-in-Tariff for microgeneration (small-scale, community) renewables back up.
  • And lower the interest rates on microgeneration loans  from 7% to 1% (Germany)

In Huddersfield, Green Councillors have been leading the way on renewables. In this case it’s solar panels – on people’s houses – giving them free electricity. They’ve done so much it’s 5% of UK TOTAL SOLAR CAPACITY! This goes hand in hand with serious insulation work too and they’ve created hundreds of jobs and now saved millions of pounds off people’s bills.

The insulation scheme has taken off round the country (other councils have copied it) and now the Green Party has a Green New Deal to create a million jobs (a real million, not the false-accounting million that Cameron declared last week).

Greenest government ever? We’re still waiting.