My God! They’re going to tax the banks in the EU!!

  • Lord Lawson: Let’s leave the EU.
    Radio: Why?
    Lawson: It will be good for the economy and create jobs.
    Radio: Really? Where?
    Lawson: In the financial sector – a very important one.
    Radio: Didn’t the banks go bust in 2008? Didn’t we pay about a trillion quid to bail them out?
    Lawson: … Europe is full of bureaucracy, taxes and policies that mean it’s bad for business.
    Radio: Ah, you don’t mean the Robin Hood tax, do you? The one that 11 EU states, like France and Germany, have signed up to, to ensure the banks give something back?
    Lawson: Leaving Europe will mean we can create more jobs.
    Radio: In the financial sector?
    Lawson: Yes.

Lord Lawson, Thatcher’s chancellor back in the day, is doing the banks’ bidding today. The jobs he refers too aren’t particularly real. Rather he’s trying to strengthen the argument for leaving the EU – because the EU ios going to bring in a Robin Hood Tax – a fractional tax on banking transactions. The banks, recipients of about £1 trillion in the UK alone, couldn’t possibly pay a 0.05% tax… So let’s keep them out of Europe and safeguard the ‘jobs’. 

Craig Murray, former ambassador, is less polite. –


2 thoughts on “My God! They’re going to tax the banks in the EU!!

  1. Nice one. It’s really good to see the Conservatives, issues with the more recent European stance on banking discussed a bit! Tom, Dick, Harry, Sally and me need to know more about this…

  2. Exactly what he said in The Times the other day – leave the EU because it’ll be good for the banking sector.

    What the what ?!

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