Can Brighton & Hove Greens clean up?

The debacle in Brighton and Hove continues over some proposed pay cuts to CityClean staff.
A wildcat strike yesterday saw Caroline Lucas MP firmly take sides and was on the picket line with staff. Here she is addressing them.
I‘m unsure how official these pay proposals are at this stage. I understand it was given to council officers to work out the detail and most of it seems to be pretty good and beneficial to workers, but for some staff, the GMB has worked out it will mean cuts from £5 to £95 a week, hence the dispute.
The GMB (who donate £2m to Labour) have reacted very quickly as whatever proposals are decided come in in September. Nevertheless, it remains party policy to reject cuts and I hope the B&H Green Group find a way to do the right thing.
In Hull, it’s not just pay cuts – it’s huge job losses we’ve had to weather. We had the LibDems slash 1400 jobs with no wildcat strike – though they did lose the next election… We’ve now had Labour slash 600 jobs – and no strike day – though there is now a new LRC, Labour Representation Committee. This is a shot over the bows to Labour to come down firmly on the side of the poeple and reject austerity and cuts. As Greens already do.

Greens in Brighton & Hove have worked really hard to avoid major cuts, refused the government bribe, even raising money to do it (through tax). Greens are essentially for people, for services and for taxing major wealth (including what’s hidden abroad).

But like councils everywhere, the minority Greens there are in the invidious position of having to implement government diktats. They’ve worked extremely hard with major and numerous budget consultations to safeguard as much as possible.

However, as the link shows, the local party has had to act as a check over the recent leak of pay proposals. As far as I know these aren’t approved policies (many of the terms are beneficial to workers) so the Green Group would have debated these anyway.

Unfortunately their website is out-of-date and doesn’t cover this major issue and one shouldn’t really judge things by a Twitter feed!

The B&H Green Party recently voted for the Green Group to change direction on this issue. I hope B&H Greens can rescue this situation.

Martin Deane


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