Green News roundup

Stephen Hawking boycotts Israel

Stephen Hawking has decided to boycott Israel in agreement with the pro-Palestinian academic boycott. The two articles (1) (2) both say Hawking decided to back the boycott this time, despite previous visits, and despite Cambridge probably trying to dig themselves out of a hole! I vaguely remember emailing Prof. Hawking a few years ago on the same subject. It’s kind of him to say Israel’s policy would “likely lead to disaster” but then, if one goes, there is some duty to be kind to one’s host. And that’s partly the problem… The issue is not how angry some Israelis may get at some scientist – but the next policy that finds ways to dispossess Palestinians of the remaining 12% of their land… or the next child, woman, man or journalist shot down by a sniper on the Wall… the next death at a checkpoint… the next Israeli military incursion. That’s why the Green Party wants to see a fair solution with fair territories for each people. This includes the evacuation of Israeli settlements and the dismantling of the Apartheid Wall. It’s not rocket science.


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