No machete. No beheading. But how much MI5?

If you heard that Drummer Lee Rigby was attacked with a machete, and also beheaded, then you heard wrong. If you had an outraged and emotional reaction to that news then that’s understandable, I’m sure we all did to varying extents.

However, to some extent, you were made to feel like that by the either deliberate, or sloppy, reporting from the mainstream media who originated those ideas… It will have echoed memories of videoed beheadings, designed to be barbaric. Language such as machete and beheading is inflammatory, especially to do with a murder in broad daylight.

A soldier is still dead of course, and dead from incised wounds, by cutting with the weapons identified as knife and a meat cleaver. And yet by using those words, and being wrong, was there an aim by the media to be as inflammatory as possible…? Another attack, earlier in the month, was also headlined as by machete,…the killing of a 75 year old Muslim man in Small Heath. He was stabbed 4 times in the back in a seeming random racial slaying. Again it wasn’t a machete but some type of long knife. A Muslim man dead.

This may seem like nit-picking but hang in there. Details are important. At trial they can mean innocence or guilt. An untruth, like ‘beheading’, can travel the length of the land, whereas the true extent of MI5 involvement with the Woolwich killers and their families, while running the risk of people’s eyes glazing over, may actually go a long way to explaining more fully the motivation behind what happened.


Is MI5 foiling terror plots of its own hatching?

British intelligence services facilitating activities of UK Islamist extremists

What we know (includes killer’s statement)


2 thoughts on “No machete. No beheading. But how much MI5?

  1. Will they be discussing it all at Bilderberg ? Shaping up to be the alternative Glasto this year. Do you think Tony told Alan or John what was said when he went ? Or is it all shh, shh, nothing here… Haven’t you had your invite yet ?

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