Our attitude to Syria is a betrayal of justice

Another prowar BBC article…


The vast majority of people in Britain are not for attacking Syria, so every article ought to include a quote from the peace-seeking majority, say the Stop the War  Coalition, or the Green Party, or an antiwar union leader. there is no balance in this article! Like when the Ten O’Clock News went on for 25 minutes on the night of the Aug 30 vote, completely prowar, and then in the last 5 minutes had to break that the vote had been defeated. What balance!?

These articles and this approach is such an insult to most people, yet just another incentive to call their bluff.

So-called new evidence, of chemical weapons used in ‘that’ Damascus suburb, NOTE they don’t EVEN NAME Ghouta … a real forensic article…

Big deal. Very few people are denying that chemical weapons were used in that area. NOW which chemical ?? – It’s NOT EVEN named!! How ridiculous!! How facile!! There are chemical weapons which are not banned… but which many countries have tried to get banned, like depleted uranium and white phosphorous… (but certain states act to prevent this, yes, you guessed it) so it MATTERS WHICH CHEMICAL was used!! Surprise!! … And then: WHO used CW?? There’s enough evidence to make a case for the rebels using sarin in MAY!!  Very little was made of this – where was the outcry then??? The threat to surgically strike the rebels???

Taking CW seriously should have meant an immediate investigation, and an immediate halt to any outside supplying and funding to the rebels…. What did we get?? Next to nothing, just odd reports… Another outbreak and suddenly the (Western, ie America) ‘world’ is up in arms, clearly hoping they can blame it on Assad. Although no-one has adequately explained how foolish he must be to have used CW DURING A UN inspection visit!! No-one is accusing Assad of being a fool…

The article introduces the meme of Cameron having ‘no hand to play’ – we will see what this really means shortly.

It airs his ‘only regret’ being Labour choosing to wait for evidence (!!) rather than launch airstrikes (ie start a war). And that America HAS to take action (ie an act of war) because it had described a ‘red line’. America does NOT lay down international  law!! Bush and Obama, and Cameron think it does. Clearly.

It quotes Putin warning that military action without UN approval would be “an aggression”…. this is 100% correct! America does NOT HAVE a free pass from the world to be world policeman! And neither does it’s police dog!…

The BBC quotes the ‘no hand’ meme again – as if the threat of bombing another country was the only hand worth having!! It continues the quote, with a completely straight face, that this ‘undermines any future PM’s promises’ – as if we’ve EVER promised to go to war with America (or have we)!! How UTTERLY ridiculous!  The views are idiotic and incendiary.

Then even LD Campbell implies the G20 (economic summit!) ought to ‘unite’ on a strike!! Have these elder states men gone mad??  Is this all we can expect of them – the next WAR??

Finally, please note that Syria ISN’T EVEN A SIGNATORY to the CW Convention!!! In other words they’re not breaking ANY agreement even if they did use CW!! This MATTERS in international law!  … Although, I suspect,  we will find no international law matters to our media or Prime Minister or MPs unless it helps oust Assad.

Our attitude to Syria is a betrayal of justice…




2 thoughts on “Our attitude to Syria is a betrayal of justice

  1. Martin

    I need to address the following statement you made above and copied below:
    —-“September 5th 2013
    … Finally, please note that Syria ISN’T EVEN A SIGNATORY to the CW
    Convention!!! In other words they’re not breaking ANY agreement even if
    they did use CW!! This MATTERS in international law!” (End – your punctuation and use of upper case).

    Where international law commands a wide assent amongst nations, ‘it is regarded as binding on all, even if some of them have never expressly consented to it’. It has long since been regarded as ‘the international custom of [civilized] nations’; namely – customary international law.

    If the state of Syria is found to be instrumental in the gas attack of its own people on the 21st August 2013, Syria is in breach of the 1925 Geneva Protocol on gas warfare: in full the *1925 Geneva Protocol for the Prohibition of the Use in War of Asphyxiating, Poisonous or Other Gases, and of Bacteriological Methods of Warfare*, to which it acceded in 1968; it agreed to be bound by the treaty and be a party to it.

    Further, Syria would be in breach of the *1949 Geneva Convention IV Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War*. Syria ratified the four Geneva Conventions in 1953.

    Everything is predicated on the veracity of evidence showing preparation for and use of gas on a civilian population by the Syrian state. If sufficient evidence is produced, meeting the highest requirements of quality and quantity, then it should be placed before the international court for prosecution.

    In the case of Syria it has other Crimes Against Humanity and breaches of international norms to address from its actions during the last two and a half years. Such standards should also be applied, no matter how problematic, to the opposing forces – much evidence has been gathered by human rights organisations and others in respect of this.

    Recently several hundred civilians were murdered and several thousand injured in a premeditated gas attack in Syria. These are *War Crimes* and *Crimes Against Humanity*. Under international law this can not be with impunity.

    rowland box

    • Many thanks Rowland for your considered words.
      I am content to take them as the case, as long as double standards are not applied by other countries (eg, the widespread condemnation of depleted uranium, but blocked by the USA from being prohibited).

      Obviously this all relies on the case being proven.

      I appreciate your dedication that the rule of international law be applied. I agree.
      However, we are being lied to.

      Certainly people died from chemical weapons in Syria (maybe 1400 out of 100,000 civil war deaths so far) but there is important evidence that it was the rebels that used them, that the Syrian regime deliberately eschewed using them, and that the video ‘evidence’ was faked. Our media is largely ignoring this, especially a couple of weeks ago when it really mattered.

      By the skin of our teeth (1% of MPs), Parliament avoided a knee-jerk reaction, committing acts of war against another state yet again at America’s behest pretending to act on behalf of the international community (also blatantly untrue).

      People won’t have forgotten Iraq either – the important lessons in this regard are that countries like America and Britain will stop at nothing to get a war in their global ‘interests’, and that they will happily use lies, subterfuge, forged documents and baseless dossiers even from the highest levels of government.

      Each case should be reviewed on its own merits, of course. From my judgment of all the accounts so far, Assad has likely not used chemical weapons as he is in a superior military position. To create a war, however, it would be extremely useful if the world’s remaining superpower, and whose economy relies on the military, could quietly arrange it to look like he had used them. Looking at a variety of media (not just the UK’s which is largely pro ‘our wars’ ), it’s the rebels, who have already admitted a chemical weapons accident on their part, who have a case to answer, imho.

      Nevertheless, Iraq is a case of *War Crimes* and *Crimes Against Humanity* (your emphasis) – in fact the supreme war crime – launching an aggressive war. And NO ONE has been held responsible.


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