Points glossed over on Syria

  • The US and UK (and key allies like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel and Turkey) are working very hard to topple Assad.
  • The USA has wanted regime change there since 2000 under Bush.
  • Although there is a civil war in Syria, there are many thousands of foreign (‘Islamist’) fighters there.
  • The intelligence services of certain countries are busy arming and funding these ‘rebels’ , the goal being to remove Assad.
  • Yes, Assad is a dictator; yes, he has chemical weapons (and a well-functioning military), and yes, he MAY have used some.
  • This is not yet proven and he has consistently denied it calling for a UN investigation of what did happen (especially in August).
  • Obama claims to acting on behalf of the world (global policeman), but doesn’t have the world’s consent.
  • A USA strike on Syria could easily escalate but is something Obama has not addressed.
  • There is NO provision in any chemical weapons treaty for any armed response by the USA or anyone else on any country that might use them.
  • Beginning military action taken against another state is defined as making war.
  • The proper course is to bring a grievance to the Security Council or to the General Assembly. Obama will not because he will lose.
  • Obama, the arch-lawyer, is acting outside the law.  
  • Another reason Obama has no ‘credibility’ on this issue is that USA administrations have avoided signing certain protocols and also consistently worked to keep other chemical weapons out of the treaty framework, such as depleted uranium, white phosphorous,etc.
  • Striking Syria has no real credibility outside the ‘elites’ of USA, France, Britain, Israel and maybe some other states (and overwhelmingly rejected by their populations) or others who would benefit, like certain opposition groups in Syria.

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