Top Ten Articles on Syria

This is work in progress – till I reach ten anyway!

1. Carla del Ponte stupefied

In this brief clip, del Ponte, a seasoned UN prosecutor, visited Syria, and recounts being stunned the the rebels used chemical weapons. An unimpeachable source… giving testimony that those opposed to the Assad government used banned weapons… for which Assad is being held responsible by America. This information should be entered into a court record at the Hague.

2. Saudi and British intelligence meeting reported

Britain and America have recently been debating whether to get involved in Syria, due to Assad’s alleged chemical weapons attacks on rebel held areas. This article describes a high level meeting between intelligence chiefs Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia (the ‘Bandar-Bush ‘ of Fahrenheit 9/11 fame) and the UK head of MI6.  Bandar and MI6 worked together to deliver 400 tons of weapons to the rebels. Bandar claims to be in control of the rebels including the most fanatical ones.  Bandar and or MI6 will be working with USA approval.

3.  Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin set for collision over Syria at G20 summit.

An attack on Syria will initiate an international response. Obama is claiming to be acting on behalf of the world, but blatantly doesn’t have the world’s backing.  He pretends he is acting to bolster the world’s ‘crediblity’, however this is a word Washington uses with specific meanings, and which the world community does not. Obama describes the wider goal of toppling Assad – also illegal under international law – but something the law lecturer himself leaves out.

4.  Despite Kerry’s assurances that this intelligence was nothing like the fiasco of Iraq’s,

5.   High chance Obama will NOT receive Congress’ approval. However, such concerns will not stop a  USA President. Neither will popular outrage that Obama is about to start a new Middle East war.

“Arizona congressman Matt Salmon’s constituents have called his office 500 times about Syria, he tells National Review Online in an interview, but only two callers have expressed support for intervening there. “This is not hyperbole!” he says emphatically.”
It now has to be voted on by congress. It’s NOT a done deal.


7. (May)



(May 2013)  – U.N. has testimony that Syrian rebels used sarin gas: investigator

And also for background :-

syria/ Gen Wesley Clark, 5 countries in 7 years…


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