Green Party unanimously passes Hull area Fukushima motion.

Shan Oakes presents the motion on Fukushima

Shan Oakes presents the motion on Fukushima

Fukushima – this global crisis requires a global response. Fukushima is the worst nuclear accident in history. It’s an ongoing crisis and far from being dealt with. International efforts are needed now – especially with upcoming efforts in November to make the fuel pool safe. In March 2011, a tsunami hit the Japanese coast and  triggered the world’s worst industrial disaster leading to THREE MELTDOWNS at three nuclear reactors at the power station in Fukushima prefecture.

Green Party Conference notes that –

– In August, the news broke of 300 tons of highly irradiated water leaking from one water tank into the Pacific Ocean when a rubber seal failed.

– Coming out at the same time was information that 300 tons of highly irradiated water enters the Pacific EVERY DAY from the site and very probably has been since the incident.

– Facts have regularly turned out to be worse than advertised by either Tepco or the Japanese government.

– Japan has limited its funds to Tepco for cleanup. The company is now trying to solve the industry’s biggest radiation leak on a budget.

– Astonishingly, citizens have been abandoned to their fate in Fukushima and are living in areas where levels of radioactivity are far higher than the evacuation limits set at Chernobyl.

– Living in areas as contaminated as this will lead to the same levels of illness and premature death that have been experienced in the contaminated territories of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

– Regarding Chernobyl, the health effects from the accident in 1986 are at a peak NOW – 27 years later, so we have to think long-term.

– The plan in November is to move 1300 (‘spent’) fuel rods from an unsafe pool on top of crumbling Building 4. High radiation means usual computer controls will not work so this will be done manually. This has the potential to be an even greater disaster than the first one.

– Tepco, and Japan, are clearly having grave difficulty controlling further radiation leaks.

– A proper and complete cleanup is likely to be achieved only with a full international effort.

Conference, therefore, calls upon the Green Party Executive to pursue, via our elected representatives, with the UK government, and through the media, a call for a global response to Fukushima and for all required support and intervention to be pressed for as soon as possible.



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