Beartrap for peace

Chomsky said something once about war being hard-wired in America. His point was that economies are unwieldy things and need serious support. Most states do it by having a significant social security system – giving money to the poor means they spend it, so you have a chunk of your economy that’s highly reliable.

However, America’s main subsidy is via the Pentagon system. Eye-watering amounts of tax money go into any number of programs, projects, weapons systems, subsidising almost the entirety of high tech development in the country and where many high profile things, like the Internet, actually originate.

But too many people would ask questions if you built up huge arsenals of whatever, so you need wars to clear the shelves. You have to have them, if your country spends as much on ‘Defense’ as the ROW put together. Of course, the ‘chicken’ came first, that is, America has spent such a long time fighting other countries for its ‘interests’ that it was only a matter of time before it became hardwired. Essentially, the USA is highly addicted to it now. A major beartrap for peace.