EE Customer Service is Poor to Tragic

IF YOU are having problems with EE, here are all the EE directors / executives emails to write to:,,,,, ,,,

Dear EE,

I’m still waiting for your refund on a product that didn’t work in an area you said it would. So I thought I’d do an analysis of what your customers are saying.  The following is from 4 or 5 of YOUR OWN prominent ads on facebook, and the comments YOUR customers have written on them.

EE Analysis:
Comments which expressed an opinion on EE (as opposed to being social remarks on someone else’s comment, etc). IE, a random sample of 100 EE customers with FB accounts.

% who noted Poor to Tragic EE Customer Service –  33

% who noted EE’s  rubbish signal –                               26

% who think EE is an Awful Company –                       21

% who commented on a Big Wait for goods –               6

% who thought EE was a great service –                        4

% left without communication abroad –                        1

% who said SKY was better, cheaper –                           3

% who wrote about EE receiving most complaints to Ofcom – 1

% who noted No response for deaf customer –            1

% who said Vodafone is better –                                      1

% who noted the Ofcom helpline 02079813040 –       1

% who noted EE was Orange + T-Mobile = useless – 2

% who recommended the Live EE complaints site –  1


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