Lee Rigby would still be alive…

Lee Rigby would still be alive had not our country embarked on wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, one of which is still going on, the other which suffers continued acts of terrorism. 

This is obvious in’t it?

The sort of blowback we’re now being told they were warned about 3 years ago.

Need more convincing? Try Seamus Milne here.


14 thoughts on “Lee Rigby would still be alive…

  1. Does Allah care about the environment – or does he want all the oil for his own people to burn because this is a temporary world, destiny is in heaven and global warming doesn’t matter ?
    Any sign of the Islamic world NOT burning all the oil if the West suddenly gave up, went solar and pulled out of the middle east ?
    How you gonna stop them ?

    • Sounds like you’d like to use armed force?
      haven’t we had enough of that dinosaur thinking?
      It’s only right that whoever leads, leads by example.
      The years of oil are numbered. Even Saudi Arabia knows that, though they’re hardly likely to give up their income!
      But like us, and America, everyone is addicted to oil’s easy energy.
      As a global power, the EU is leading the way in renewables,for its size.
      Denmark is often running 100% by renewables.
      But America – just look at the charts – is going exponential in providing renewables, principally wind.
      China now tops global investment in renewables – beating the EU.
      There’s a future to play for.

      • Hmm, I think it’s a mistake to just attribute one cause to an event – despite the explicit statement on live TV by Adelobajo. You have to tick an awful lot of boxes other than western imperialism to get that killing – and not all those boxes are the fault of people in the UK and America. Makes it seem like the world is out of our control doesn’t it ?
        Enter Allah and Jehova to give people an illusion of control via prayer and pious action.

      • It’s a simple connection. It’s the reasons he gave. He has the background to show he became a committed Muslim and was prepared to take up arms where he felt ‘his people’ or version of religion were being attacked.
        Sure he ticks other boxes, a less than privileged background, a familiarity with drug culture and violence. Yet he converted to Islam, sure he was fanatical, but still it was his perception of the injustice done to Muslims (as he perceived it) that drove him.
        OTOH, had we not conquered Afghanistan and Iraq, he may well have targeted and killed some very different person or persons. But still makes my point.

  2. So basically there isn’t any way to stop all the oil under muslim soil being burned. They’ve got guns and are prepared to kill for it, and the environmentalists haven’t and aren’t. Socialism as an answer ? Looking at Venezeula that doesn’t look likely. Capitalism ? So far not so good.
    Never mind, humanity’s future is in the stars anyway, so may as well not get too sentimental about Earth because it’s going to be left behind quite soon. Will there be religion in the fight for asteroid resources too ?

  3. Whether it’s under Muslim soil, or tar sands in Canada, or the North Sea, or Siberia, is immaterial. It doesn’t have to be by war! As soon as we assent to climate science, or at least peak oil, we have to think of meeting future energy needs from non-polluting sources. That means renewables in the short term, which some countries are really investing in (eg China and America). There’s not much point going to other planets unless we can achieve a balance on this one! What are we going to export? Rapacity? There is a strong movement towards renewables, facing up to the powerful entrenchment of the oil lobby (which can start wars, we remember). But everybody knows, including them, that this is the last generation of oil.

  4. –There’s not much point going to other planets unless we can achieve a balance on this one! What are we going to export? Rapacity?

    Sure there is – to boldly go, especially where there are whole planets full of fantastic resources. It’s already started – how you gonna stop it ?
    Balance means control, means the end of wilderness and the final conquest of nature.
    It’s wild in space, and Earth is now a tame greenhouse with a CO2 thermostat and the ~igions and ~isms are turning the temperature up.

  5. So, I had floodwater lapping at the end of my street a couple of weeks ago.
    A guy trying to unblock drains so his house wouldn’t get flooded told me he hadn’t seen anything like it in 60 years.
    What went on ? Is it CO2 to blame ? Is the sea going to rise and wash Hull away ?

  6. About this piece tweeted from Pippa Barlotti
    I got some quibbles starting with this –

    “can we set aside the politics of division, of class and money, and instead give our ovations to real, inspired change born of our innermost need to see all people, all living things, in mutual benefit of the resources we share.”
    First – is that our innermost need ? How does she know ? There are a lot of people on this planet – why assume that “our innermost need to see all people, all living things, in mutual benefit of the resources we share.”
    I think if you were to survey the innermost experiences of the human race you would not find this as an innermost need. You’d find it as a desire for some, or even many, but not everyone has the same innermost experience and hence not everyone can ascribe to the same deepest desire. Is this saying that people don’t know themselves ?
    The second bit – “to see all people, all living things, in mutual benefit of the resources we share.”
    What does that mean ? Free petrol for the woodlice under the skirting board ? An NHS for wombats ? A carrion cooperative for vultures ?
    Much of the organisms on Earth live by consuming others including, sometimes, humans – are we to dissuade Lions from eating gazelles ? What? Sounds like a right wing recipe for inequality ?
    Or is the Earth a farm for all ?
    Is this a vision of nature in which humanity has no effect, does not interfere with the slow process of evolution, creation and extinction, doesn’t repeat the elimination of the dodo. But isn’t it a bit late for that ?
    And this classless society as produced by a universal income – as it’s something that is proposed as a law, and not everyone will want to go along with it, doesn’t that mean two classes already – lawmakers and lawreceivers with all the subdivisions that entails.
    Universal income may be a useful idea, and it may affect the class setup, but how is it going to mean classlessness ?
    Aren’t you still going to have the three basic castes Philosopher (you), Warrior (the cop who enforces the universal income legislation), and Producer (the recipient of U.I.) ?
    But back to this idea of our innermost need – is our innermost need really to have a version of socialism ? If you want to talk about the deepest and most profound experiences of life, then you are talking mysticism – surely – and that hasn’t been shown to be a product of any one type of society whether monarchic, theocratic, democratic, fascist, communist, tribal, consumerist, primitive or advanced. Has it ? Nor has it been shown to be the sole province of rich, poor, abused or nutured. Not that I’ve seen, perhaps you can say otherwise ?
    Does a sustainable, socialist society produce deeper, more profound innermost experience in people ? What’s the data ?

    That’s a lot, and a bit far out, but I thought it worth asking. Thanks.

    • Did China take that action? Meanwhile, Russia/separatists are getting the blame for downing MH17 – which is far from clear. The EU is ramping up sanctions against Russia, which will likely hurt the EU more. And Russia gets the blame for invading Ukraine – which never happened! Someone is pushing mightily for war and it’s not China or Russia!

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